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Friday, April 1, 2011

Thoughts about hiring a Wedding Photographer

I was thinking about this the other day.  There are so many people out there now in Florida that advertise photography services for $500 or less that it's becoming a problem.  What might look like a good deal to a prospective bride and groom, ends up being a nightmare because of lack of experience.  Just because you own a digital camera doesn't mean you can shoot a wedding.  There's a lot of things to ask a photographer when looking for one, but simply ask two questions:

#1 How many years have you been doing this (and it better be more then 3)

#2 Ask if they have ever shot a wedding on FILM (if they have you can damn well bet they know what they are doing!)


  1. If you're going all out on a wedding anyway, I'd figure a photographer is a must.

  2. wedding photography is probably one of the hardest specializations in photography.

    you might also want to ask whether or not he has an assistant; that can give you 20-30% of the best shots during the day. :)